Robotics club gears up for competition

Students build a robot (Photo: Regina Bell)

Last year, our Patterson High School Robotics Club won the 2013 Hopkins Robotics Cup. After working with another school, Ms.Ball wanted Patterson to have...

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Interview with Jacquelyn Kowalczyk, Class of 1961

Jacquelyn Kowalzyk (then Jacquelyn Prucha) as a senior (Photo: 1961 Clipper Yearbook)

As Patterson makes plans for a new building in the near future, the Patterson Press looks back at a time when our current building...

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“Peace and Love” is theme of this year’s door decorating contest

Ms. Bridgeforth's door, 1st place winner (Photo: Shane Braden)

The SGA hosted a Door Decorating Contest in February with the theme of Peace and Love because it was Valentine's Day. Ms. Bridgeforth's...

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The “300″: Small track team leaves opponents in the dust

(Photo: Ty'Shawn Key)

Our Patterson boys track team of only ten Patterson Clippers recently went up against some of the biggest track and field teams in the...

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Freshmen share their personal stories at emotional intervention

Freshmen share their personal stories at emotional intervention

The ninth grade girls spent a day in the gymnasium in February, where we participated in an emotional intervention called Point Break. (Ninth grade...

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Student mentors help freshmen avoid making the same mistakes

Illustration by Shane Braden

Individual Advancement Mentoring (I.AM) is a peer mentoring program started last year by my brother Alonzo Key. I.AM was created because too many students...

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Weekly opinion poll #10

(Based on 13 students voting)

Do your teachers show favoritism?

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Rosa Parks: A Woman of Courage

Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a white man. (Photo: Wikipedia)

The winner of our Women's History Month journalism contest

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Weekly opinion poll #9

(Based on 101 students voting)

Is bullying a problem at Patterson?

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Weekly opinion poll #8

(Based on 15 students voting)

Should music with curse words be censored on the radio?

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Weekly opinion poll #7

(Based on 33 students voting)

Are men and women treated equally today?

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Wild animals belong in the wild (OPINION)

Have you ever thought about how we humans function? We feel strongly about protecting the right of animals, we are against animal cruelty, and...

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