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STEM Competition showcases student talent in engineering

November 25, 2011
stem_competition 003 (1)

Patterson High School held its 4th annual Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) competition on November 17th, pitting teams of students against each other in a variety of challenges. There were approximately thirty teams of four students each, including one middle school team and two visiting high school teams. First, the students met in the auditorium with their teams for the orientation. Then the competition began in the breezeway and near the auditorium. The competition was fierce, and the students had a lot of fun competing. The judges had fun also.

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Performers bring Chinese culture to Patterson

November 20, 2011
(Photo: Deyanna Bell, Patterson Press)

A group of professional dancers and musicians from China celebrated China’s cultural and ethnic diversity with a dazzling performance entitled “Colorful China” at Patterson’s auditorium on November 15. The performance featured dozens of performers in richly decorated costumes representing China’s fifty-six ethnic groups. Historical and geographic themes like “the Fantastic Prairie” and “the Ancient Times” brought China’s diversity to the stage.

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Steel drum ensemble performs at Patterson

November 14, 2011

Steel drum musician Kevin Martin brought his Rock Creek Steel Drum ensemble to Patterson on November 2 to perform for students and staff. The performance was the start of a six week artist residency with Mr. Martin, who will teach students how to play steel drums, helping us to start our own Patterson Steel Drum Ensemble.

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Twilight: a hard lesson with even harder consequences

November 13, 2011

In public high schools across the country there is a program called Twilight. It’s really like night school but on the internet. Now, normally if you’re doing Twilight, that means one of two things: Either you had a class and failed it or the class could not fit into your schedule and you are forced to take it in Twilight.

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Nail Tech students visit day spa

November 13, 2011

On November 4, Ms. Bridgeforth’s Nail Technology class went on a field trip to the Maisie Dunbar Spa Lounge in Silver Spring, Maryland to learn how a professional day spa operates. What follows are reports from two of the students who participated in the trip.

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Bullying is a serious problem

November 13, 2011

Bullying can affect anybody, whether it is in school or out in the neighborhood. School bullying is a big problem that still goes on. It is caused by spreading rumors or physically or emotionally hurting other people. Statistics published on the website show that 2 in every 3 bullied victims have been bullied more than once or twice during the school year and 10% are bullied on a regular basis. Some students do not realize what bullying means or what it can cause the victim to do. Victims of bullying often start to have poor grades, sucidical thoughts and/or low self esteem and help problems. In 2010 about 71% of students were reportedly being bullied in school.

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World population reaches seven billion

November 9, 2011
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visits the "seven billionth" baby and his mother in the hospital where the baby was born. (Photo: Alexey Nikolsky)

On October 31, the world welcomed a newborn baby which brought the population of the world to seven billion. So, where was the lucky baby born? The answer is Russia.

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Patterson teacher creates street art for the community

November 6, 2011
Ms. Broere creating her painted crosswalk (Photo: Ms. Monica Broere)

Patterson art teacher Ms. Monica Broere recently created public art for the Highlandtown neighborhood, by painting a scene on the crosswalk of Eastern Ave and Conkling Steet. Ms. Broere was invited by a group of professional artists invited her to make this fresh and amazing work of art. That is the first time that she has painted a street. She was excited to do this because she saw it as an opportunity to bring people together in the community.

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Patterson goes Passionately Pink to fight breast cancer

November 6, 2011
Patterson students wore pink to raise awareness about breast cancer (Photo: Deyanna Bell, Patterson Press)

Staff and students at Patterson High School showed their support and raised awareness about breast cancer on Thursday, October 27th by wearing pink shirts, ribbons or buttons. These actions were part of “Passionately Pink for the Cure Day”, which was organized by Ms. Brett, Ms. Hall-Butler and Coach Kelley Bagdasarian in recognition of breast cancer awareness month.

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