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STEM competition returns for 5th year at Patterson

November 28, 2012
Students arrange mirrors to reflect a laser as part of the STEM competition (photo: Patterson Press)

Patterson High School held its 5th annual Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) competition on November 15,2012. We first met in the auditorium for a orientation until we were called to go to our different sections. We started the STEM competition at approximately 10:30.

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Homerooms Compete in Door Decorating Contest

November 28, 2012
A student helps decorate Mr. Laqui's classroom door. It would be chosen as one of this year's three winners, along with Mr. Wagoner's and Ms. Berdin's rooms. (Photo: Brennan Meeks, Patterson Press)

Patterson continued an annual tradition this year by hosting a door decorating competition to celebrate Homecoming week from Oct 22-26.

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Food Review: Salad Bar

November 25, 2012
Food Review: Salad Bar

Recently, I tried out the new salad bar that is located in Patterson’s cafeteria. After standing in line for a long time, I realized that we need to do something to make sure that students get served more quickly. We have choices in the salad bar such as chicken and regular salad and also we have tuna sandwiches and fruit and vegetables.

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The View from the Hall: An Interview with Hall Monitor Michael Key

November 25, 2012
Michael Key, Patterson's new hall monitor (Photo: Jevaughn Taylor, Patterson Press)

This interview with Michael Key, a new hall monitor at Patterson High School this school year, occurred in September, 2012.

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OPINION: Bullying hurts

November 18, 2012

Bullying is a growing epidemic in schools across the nation. Most of the time, bullying starts in school. Some students hide it from their parents because they are afraid. Like many students, I was bullied in elementary and middle school. It was very difficult for me because I didn’t have any friends in elementary school. I was made fun of and I would get depressed a lot.

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