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Patterson students participate in CyberPatriot competition

December 16, 2012

Patterson’s amazing cyber security team, the Cyber Trolls, performed quite well in the first two rounds of Northrop Grumman’s Annual CyberPatriot Competition. The first round was held in November and the 2nd round was held on December 7, 2012. The time frame for both rounds was from 12:00 to 6:00 PM. Our industry mentors were Tyler Lillard, a former Patterson student, and Sergeants Jessica Yanzick & Rain from the Air Force. Students put in a full day’s work trying to find computer system vulnerabilities and prevent others from hacking into their system.

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Patterson Hosts Health Fair

December 16, 2012
Health Fair etc 137

Patterson High School hosted a Health Fair in the Success Academy on Thursday, December 6th during homeroom period. Ms Diehl from the Health Corps, along with many students, teachers and staff members, organized this health fair for all the students and staff in this school. In keeping with Patterson’s Clipper ship mascot, the theme of this fair was “Sail into good health”. Ms. Diehl even dressed up like a pirate and told students how to find the “treasure of health”.

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Patterson defeats Glenelg 77-53 in basketball season opener

December 9, 2012

Patterson’s returning players unveiled the state championship banner from last year before Thursday’s season opener. Then it was time to start on the road back to the Comcast Center.

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The Arts at Patterson

December 9, 2012
A student plays the steel drums in Mr. Gagne's Music Club. Other instruments used by the club include an electric guitar, two pianos and an electric keyboard. (Photo: Clinton Adams, Patterson Press)

Two teachers, both involved in the Arts, recently spoke to the Patterson Press. Both of these teachers are advisors for clubs that students can participate in.

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School Garden Grows Organic Vegetables

December 9, 2012
Patterson staff members working in the garden (Photo: Angel Sisounong, Patterson Press)

The Patterson School Garden was started in 2011 by three staff members: Diane Snyder, school social worker, Susan Steigner, school social worker, and Monica Broere, art teacher. They built three raised beds for vegetables and a pollinator bed for flowers that will attract insects that will carry pollen from plant to plant. Hollins Organic soil was delivered and dumped into the beds. The garden is located behind the Academy of Engineering inside a fenced-in area.

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