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Teacher Talk: December 2014

December 21, 2014
Newseum 2014 (Camera 1) 025

This month marks the last month of the year of 2014 and the beginning of the winter holiday season. This season features the beautiful and joyful holidays of Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, among others. These holidays are a time to celebrate with family and loved ones. So I decided to ask three teachers a question that connects with the holidays and it was, “Why is your family important to you?”.

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Maasai Warriors Visit Patterson

December 16, 2014
Masai warriors perform a traditional dance in the media center (Photo: Laxmi Magar)

There were Maasai warriors dancing at Patterson High School in the Media Center on November 12 . All of the dancers were men, but they looked like women because their traditional clothing resembled dresses. They came from a country in Africa called Kenya. The mountain district called Kirinyaga is where the Maasai live. They are a popular and traditional culture.

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Why do some students walk the halls?

December 13, 2014
A student sits in a stairwell instead of going to class. (Photo: Jamal Artis, Patterson Press)

Every day, numerous students at Patterson High School are found roaming the halls as if they have nowhere to go. All students belong in classrooms during each period (except for lunch) but instead some decide to walk the halls. Many students believe that they do not feel welcome by either their teachers or peers but that is not an excuse; the conflict can always be resolved.

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