Art project to highlight student diversity at Patterson

September 30, 2017

By Micheal Flamini,

One of Patterson’s talented art teachers, Ms. Marchewka, is working on a project based on the languages of Patterson High School by using metal. The students will bend words of the many languages at Patterson High. Ms. Marchewka said, “I wanted to do a project to unite all the languages at Patterson.” More then 30 languages are spoken Patterson High.

She had used a donation website for teachers. By using the website, she accumulated about $400 dollars so she can get all the supplies she needs for her class. She hopes to hang the words over the lockers when it’s finished so everyone can see.

As I spoke to Ms. Marchewka, I learned that the project will closely resemble license plates. The students will shape kind words in their native languages to show that even though we are all different, we are all one big family. By doing this project, she and the students are not just making an interesting piece of art but showing the diversity of the people that walk these halls and connecting us as one community, because even though we speak different languages, they all have the same meaning.