Students respond to the heat crisis at Patterson

October 22, 2017

Editor’s note: The following three articles were written by students in Ms.Graham’s English 3 class in response to the heat crisis at Patterson and the article about it that appeared in the Baltimore Sun in late September. A related political cartoon by Patterson Press cartoonist Sharena Lawson can be seen on our Facebook page but we are unable to post it here due to technical difficulties we are having with the website.


How it feels learning at Patterson

By Leroy Noble

At Patterson High School, students need to have an altercation against the heat. The temperatures in these classrooms are sky high. I’m talking about rooms reaching a top notch of 114 degrees. That’s really hard to believe until you’re in this hot place. Try to learn in these schools that are like a desert without a single cactus. The city waves us away but wants us to be successful. How can we do this in conditions that feel like a hot oven? This makes no sense.

Students, teachers and staff all feel these hot and confusing temperatures. The people in this school are sweating like they are playing sports. That’s not right. Why though? The answer to that is the city and state governments because they might need the money for roads, etc. But they manage to find the money for new youth correctional facilities. I wonder why? All of this is part of the school-to-prison pipeline. Students aren’t coming to school because of the no air conditioning situation. It makes students turn to crime, etc.

The people in charge from the city and the state have air conditioning to work in their offices. What about us? How can we be successful without it? Maybe if they were in the situation we are in, then they would feel the difference. And this is why no one likes the state. They get the money from taxes anyway. I just want to know what to do about this and how to do it.


They don’t care about us

By Ira Sketers

I believe that some people who have the power to change Baltimore City schools don’t care about them. I say that because if they did, we wouldn’t be suffering from the heat. Even if that person didn’t have the money, they may know another person who does. Patterson High School needs air conditioning as soon as possible. We can’t keep waiting for years. That is what I believe about people not doing everything they can to help Baltimore City Public Schools.

Also, I disagree with the statements made by BCPS chief operations officer, Keith Scroggins, in the Baltimore Sun on September 26th. If they were doing everything they can do to install AC, we would have it by now. If he meant what he said, he would have just gotten it done instead of procrastinating. Scroggins just doesn’t care.

Another quote I disagree with is when he says, “The heat wave is always temporary.” That was very selfish for him to say. What if it was him in our situation? He wouldn’t be able to do anything about the fact that there’s no AC. He could at least have said something that would have made the situation better.


Patterson’s so hot. So many things gone wrong. Over 100 degrees. Students can’t think correctly.

By Christina Thomas

The temperature in classrooms gets very hot. I believe we shouldn’t have started school until we got air conditioning. Students have problems with breathing and concentrating in school with this heat. The health problems students have are asthma attacks, seizures, lung conditions, heat exhaustion or heat strokes.

An asthma attack can make a person’s airway become inflamed, narrow and swell, which makes it difficult to breathe. A seizure is a disorder in which nerve cell activity in the brain is disturbed. Heat strokes can cause your body to overheat, due to exposure to high temperatures. Lung conditions can lead to respiratory failure, which means failure to breathe.

Students can’t even comprehend the stuff they are getting taught in school because all they do is lay down and sleep. The students lay down because it’s so hot. The teachers even get aggravated about their classroom being hot. The last thing I need to say is that we should at least have an air conditioner for each room in the school and colder water coolers.