7th annual school fair brings people together

November 7, 2017

By Micheal Flamini

The 7th annual Patterson back to school night and community fair had a lot to offer on the 28th of September. Patterson High had a back to school fair where parents, staff and students could come together and mingle, and where alumni could visit and feel a sense of pride to see how their school has grown.

“It’s a way of bring the school and community together.”, explained Ms. Kelly O’Brien, the fair’s main organizer.

We looked around the fair and all we saw was people smiling and having a good time. There was dancing, drums and a lot of food. “It went well and feedback is always positive” O’Brien said.

We all know we do the fair for fun but it seems it holds something more for not only those at Patterson High but for the community as well. people gathered around the incredible dancer taking pictures and videos and people were stricken by the booming of the drum line. Parents and kids were playing.

Everyone had a great time checking out the school and all the activities. With all the smiles and positivity how could Patterson top this fair next year?