Bullying is a serious problem in high school

November 10, 2017

By Kendric Senior

As a high school student you are always judged based on sexuality, race, what you wear, and for who you are. As I walked around the school, I asked students and staff members about being bullied and judged. Some students turned down my interviews and some actually took their time out of their day to listen and answer my questions.

Patterson High School senior, Justyce Medley, told me how she thinks bullying isn’t nice and how’s she just takes it and ignores it. When being judged, there are always different ways to respond. Some, like Medley, just take it, but others may cry, blame themselves, or even commit suicide.

School counslor Ms.Menetrez explained to me how “About 5 students per year come to me if they’re being bullied.” Advice she would give to someone who you know is being bullied and who does not want to talk about it is to either stand up to the bully or to tell an adult.

According to Petra Lipfer, a freelance blogger living in Orlando, Florida, about 25.8 percent of high school kids are being bullied the kids either bring weapons or any harmful objects to school which is NOT the answer.

Overall, being bullied and or judged is neither fun nor cool. You should talk about the situation to a therapist or call your local anti-bullying organization.