Should students be able to wear whatever they want?

November 12, 2017

By Jalisa Williams

As students, we are supposed to wear uniforms, but its not mandatory as long as your clothes are not showing too much skin. In my opinion, wearing uniforms is not always a bad thing. I kind of like to wear uniforms because I don’t really have to take time to find what to wear.

Not all students agree, though. Kendric Senior, a student at Patterson High School, said, “wearing a uniform is very uncomfortable and I would like to express my style. And they cost too much money.”

Some students at Patterson still wear uniforms and some do not. Patterson student Essence Talley said, “I feel that it should be an optional to wear school uniforms because some kids got the money to buy them and some do not”.

Some students don’t mind wearing uniforms but others do not want to wear them because they like to change up their look.

I believe students should wear anything they want as long as it’s not a danger to themselves or others. The dress code is there for a reason to prevent a student from getting hurt or worse.