Varsity football team struggles against Towson

November 9, 2017

The Patterson Clippers varsity football team played against the Towson Wildcats on september 8th, 2017. when the game was over, the Clippers suffered a heavy loss. The score was 6 to 35.

During the first quarter, the Clippers were getting absolutely destroyed because by the end of the first quarter the score was 0-25, Wildcats. Then during the second quarter, the defensive team for the Clippers started to hold their own against the Wildcats but by the end of the second quarter the score was 0 to 35.

But during the third quarter the Clippers went from 100 percent to 200 because they put a stop on the Wildcats. the offensive started to push the Wildcats back and started to gain yards and almost scored a touchdown. Then, when they switched sides, Patterson scored its first touchdown of the game, making the score 6 to 35.

Even though Patterson lost this game, they never gave up. The team fought with everything they had and succeeded in putting points on the scoreboard.