Art club offers fun and skills

January 8, 2018

By Sarah Albaroodi

Art club is one of the nice clubs at Patterson High School. In art club, students make art: paintings, ceramics and mosaics. Art club meets Monday and Wednesday after school in room 210. You can earn service learning hours, have fun and work with MICA students.

Art club will make a sign for the new Patterson High School. The new building is going to be done in two years but the students will make the sign now and hang it in the old school temporarily.

Ms. Holter said, “the thing most students like to do in the art club is making ceramic bowls out of clay and bowls will be sold to feed the homeless. And they love to make cups and gingerbread houses out of clay.”

The teacher helps any student any time if they have a project in the class about art or drawing, which is very nice of her!