Coping with Senior stress

January 8, 2018

By Justyce Medley

Since seniors are up next, Class of 2018, have you been stressed out yet?

This is the last year to get everything straight. Colleges, essays, scholarships, grades, dues, etc. are some of the reasons seniors are stressed out and are trying to handle everything as soon as possible before it is too late.

Senior year is a stressful year. Every student will go through it, whether they are going to college or just trying to finish school. One thing that seniors are stressing over is keeping their grades up in the first semester and filling out college applications. So far, half of the school is doing college applications and essays.

Dues are also another headache seniors are stressing about. Vicki Nelson, The founder of the College Parent Control, states that “There is fear of rejection from colleges.”

Either you have a bad GPA or a bad SAT score. Many students at Patterson High School are going through the same thing. The group, Mindful Moment, is holding a session for students to come in and focus on helping you do better this school year and to get you to be stressed out. For more information, visit the Mindful Moment room (Room 103A).