Peer mentoring program helps 9th graders stay on track

January 15, 2018

By Justyce Medley

Peer Group Connections (PGC) is a mentor group to help ninth graders throughout their high school years. Only seniors can be mentors to the ninth graders.

For me, being a leader in this group is a blessing. I always wanted to volunteer and talk to students about my experience during ninth grade. I enjoy being able to give them advice and telling them what to do throughout their high school years.

The main reason why us seniors only mentor ninth graders is because approximately half of the ninth graders either drop out or have bad grades. So PGC leaders try our best to guide them and get them on track with whatever they need. We meet with our students every Monday. This is called outreach. When we do outreach, we first go over a check-in, just to check up on our mentees and see what’s been up with them in the past week. Then we go through an activity. This leads into the group connecting. We talk about our experiences and what we can do better to make their first year of high school great.

I love being a mentor to my ninth graders because I can change someone’s life and bring joy to the rest of their high school years. If you want to become a a PGC leader, apply in your junior year and contact Ms. OG in Room 207.