Plans for new school causing old building to be neglected (OPINION)

January 12, 2018

By Micheal Flamini

The planed new school building for Patterson is not helping the students now, while the school system will not help fix the old school we already have due to the plans to make a new school.

Because it seems like a waste to spend money on a school that will be destroyed, the students and staff in the old building are forced to work in either the cold or intense heat, unable to fully focus on their work.

As the old building falls apart piece by piece, the groundbreaking date to start construction on the new school building gets pushed back farther and farther. The school district gets money from city and state taxes but they refuse to fully repair the older building simply because it is marked to be torn down.

As the staff and students wait and try their best to work with little to no funding, it gets harder to work 100%.

we understand why the district does not want to waste money on a school that will be replaced but until the building starts they should help the people in the old school first. As a student myself I at times find it hard to stay motivated in these conditions, as do most students.

The district must support us because they may have plans for a new building but there are still students and staff in the old building trying to work and with no help this old building is falling apart with things breaking down and bugs and mice everywhere.

Are we supposed to work happily in these conditions? Impossible.

No student should be forced to work and no teacher should be forced to teach in these inhuman conditions just because the district means to save money. It is unfair, unprofessional and unacceptable.

Due to this disregard for the awful conditions we need to endure for them to save money we cannot learn or teach in these conditions.

Many teachers and students cannot wait for the new building so that they will be able to work and focus on their work.