Should Patterson bring uniforms back?

January 28, 2018

By Justyce Medley

Lots of people enjoy wearing regular clothes instead of school uniforms, but this practice was not allowed until recently.

About three years ago it was required at Patterson that you have a uniform on, and if you did not comply, you would get sent back home. Many students did not like that and complained every day. But recently, kids started to wear regular clothes to school and it became a habit.

Many kids at Patterson High School love to wear regular clothes instead of uniforms. Many students say, “I can feel comfortable in my own clothes”, and “I can bring style through my clothes”. Last month we did a vote on Kahoot (an online voting app), and we wanted to see get students’ opinions about the uniform policy. The question was “Should we bring uniforms back?”, and 95% of students voted “no”. Students really prefer wearing regular clothes rather than wearing uniforms.

The fact is that when kids were required to wear uniforms, they still didn’t and they had to get sent back home. This can damage a student’s education and attendance. But now most students come to school every day without having to worry about being sent back home.

However, even though we do get to wear regular clothes, you still can’t come to school with just anything on. Inappropriate clothing is still against the rules. That is where the administration comes in and intervenes about the dress code.