5 Reasons You Need a SBA Business Plan

Are you in the beginning phases of starting a new business? Do you find yourself wondering, “Are SBA business plans really necessary?” The answer to this question is a resounding, “yes!” Business plans are an essential foundation for any business. 

Why not equip yourself with the best tool a budding entrepreneur can have? In this article, we’ll give you five key reasons for drawing up our own SBA business plan ASAP.

Five reasons you can’t afford to skip out on SBA business plans

SBA business plans help guide decision making. 

Completing a business plan means you have to consider every aspect of your company. It benefits you to consider all of these tough decisions when you’re at a critical point in production. 

As you create your business plan with financial projections and milestones, you’ll know exactly when your company has the funds to hire more employees, or expand into new locations. 

Use your SBA business plan to eliminate gray areas. For example, have you decided what price points your product should sell at? Or if these price points should stay the same year round? A business plan will help you decide key factors and even help you troubleshoot. 

SBA business plans give you a reality check. 

Not many people relish the idea of writing a business plan. It can be a real struggle if you aren’t a big fan of research and fact checking. On the other hand, a SBA business plan is essential to giving you a realistic perspective of your business. 

Not only will you be able to tell if certain ideas are flawed, or just underdeveloped, but you’ll also be able to rein any overinflated ideas of success. 

Think of your business plan as an opportunity to really shore up your research. Business plan writers give you a solid, real foundation that gives you room for those loftier goals and a better chance at success. 

SBA business plans give you fresh inspiration. 

The enemy of every small business owner is stagnation. However, business plans are the perfect weapon to combat that! Discover new approaches and fresh ideas as you work your way through the business planning process. 


s don’t have to be dry and boring. It’s a living document, and should be as dynamic as your business. This is especially true when considering sections like Marketing Strategy. As you research your target market, you may come up with ideas for new products and services as your business progresses.

You’ll also come to understand your customers better. Who are they? What drives their buying habits? How can you better meet their needs? An in depth customer analysis can really make the difference between long-term success and failure. 

SBA business plans give you a plan B.

Few business owners like to imagine their brainchild running into trouble, but it’s critical to have a backup plan should you meet any challenges. 

By building these contingency plans in from the start, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running no matter what comes your way. From supply issues to production delays, shipping errors to broken equipment – you’ll be ready to handle the problem! 

As you complete your SBA business plan, you’re also more likely to catch critical issues with cash flow. And, in the future, you’ll be able to make those big ticket spending decisions on the fly with a solid resolution process in place. 

SBA business plans get everyone on the same page.

From investors to lenders to your future employees, SBA business plans provide a clear and accurate outline of your business. The management of your company will know exactly what is expected of them, and what they should expect of your employees. In addition, employees will appreciate having access to clearly explained policies. 

If you’re looking for financial backing, lenders, and investors will expect to see a business plan that meets with the Small Business Association’s guidelines.  This is the best way for them to be sure they’re making a sound investment. 

Your small business deserves a professional SBA business plan. 

At Bargain Business Plan, we believe a robust business plan is the foundation of every small business. Whether you’re an established brand looking to grow, or a startup preparing for launch, our professional MBA writers are here to help. 

That’s why we’ve built our business around understanding SBA guidelines. Our team can help you put together research and figures that will give your small business the best chance at success. Contact us today for a free consultation! 

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